Darkness Rises
We all know what happen during the 2nd Long Interval, but what happen during the 1st? What about when all Weyrs were still active?

With hundreds of Turns free of Thread, the Weyrs have lost all influence. The Holds are more in control and a lot of the backward water culture springs forth. Such as some Holds forbidding Riders to Search their lands, even going so far as giving orders to shoot first, ask later.

There is no F'lar or Lessa. There is only the People of Pern.

Welcome to Darkness Rises, where Pern's History starts with you! Please make sure to check out the links found below, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the Cbox or our guest friendly "Questions & Suggestions" forum. Like what you see? Then why wait, join now! We welcome everyone old and new to the Pern universe.


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3.01.15 - Monthly Marks
Monthly Marks have been given out for February. If you happen to miss out on putting in for the marks of February you are more than welcome to add those into the marks claim for March. Remember to always keep track of your activities to claim those juicy marks ;3

2.19.15 - Availability
Attn: Members! The forum's "Availability" has been updated, as well as added too. Please take a moment to have a look as it may affect your character(s) awaiting Review/Approval. Thank you.

2.18.15 - GRAND OPENING!!
Finally, the time has come! Darkness Rises is officially open! We will be posting up Updates and spreading the word, please keep an eye our for those ^ ^ Thank you to our Beta Testers for everything you have given to help DR get to where it is now!

2.06.15 - Site Store
The "Site Store" has finally been filled with all sorts of goodies. This brings DR to 95% completion before we are ready to officially open. If all goes well, DR should open on Valentines Day (14th).

2.04.15 - ALMOST THERE!
Thank you everyone for your patience! This beta run has helped a lot, and soon the official opening will be held. Till then the "Human Character Template" has had some additions put into it. This is so we know which Character, and what item was bought for them.

Weyr & Hold
4th Interval, Turn 1255
Benden Hold

**See Leader Positions**

Hold Leaders
Lord Holder ---
Lady ---

Guardleader ---
Guardsecond ---

Wherleader Ariea of Gold Arieask
Jr. Wherleader ---

Steward ---


Gold Arieask (May : PC)

Wherlingmaster ---
A.Wherlingmaster ---

Hold Pack
Packleader Ariea of Gold Arieask
Packsecond Haestra of Bronze Haesk
Packthird ---

Benden Weyr

**See Leader Positions**

Sr. Weyrwoman Ezera of Gold Hamakoth

Weyrwoman ---
Weyrleader ---

Jr. Weyrwoman ---
Jr. Weyrwoman ---



Candidatemaster ---
A.Candidatemaster ---

Weyrlingmaster ---
A.Weyrlingmaster ---

Morning Star (HW) ---
Silver Ash (MW) ---
Crimson Storm (LW) ---


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30 23 Feb 12 2015, 06:46 PM
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By: Shadow
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By: cosmic
Character Directory
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All local characters can be found in here!
4 11 May 19 2015, 04:26 PM
In: Sorin || D. Candidate || Weyr
By: Sorin

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13 16 May 21 2015, 11:41 AM
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By: Shadow
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By: ThistleProse

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Near the Weyr and once beholden to them for protection against Thread. Benden Hold is teaming with life and activity. Those of the Hold are busy with working the land, breeding the herds, and much more. At night that is when the Hold finds itself beholden to the Whers. As Handlers come out to protect against whatever may be outside in the lands beyond.

Main Hall & Kitchens
Subforums: Main Hall & Kitchens

3 11 Mar 19 2015, 02:46 PM
In: Follow the Heavenly Scents
By: Haestra
Holderfolk & Handler Quarters
A good chunk of the hold, even when carved into the mountain side, is mostly made up of living quarters for the folk who live there. Most of the rooms have a common room, a sleeping room, and bathing room, they are spacious enough for guests or small families. There is a main hall that connects with all of the hold.

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Hatching Sands
Set in a large cavern heated by the same hot spring activity that flows to the Weyr, is the Hatching Grounds. The cavern is very large and the stone walls create a dome. To Whers the heat is wonderful, to humans it can get uncomfortable if on it too long. The sands are large enough for 3 full size clutches (Gold).

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Walk down the main hallway of the hold and you will find an horizontal hallway that leads into two separate sections that are the Barracks for the Candidates and Wherlings. The left hallways leads into the Candidate barracks, there are 10 rooms for males and another 10 rooms for females. Allowing each room to occupy three people. The right hallway leads into the Wherling barracks, there are a total of 20 rooms, each is large enough to accommodate a growing wherlet depending on their color and their handler comfortably.

Candidate & Wherling Lessons
Subforums: Candidate & Wherling Lessons

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Outer Hold & Lands
The lands claimed and govern by Benden Hold have spread far from their original spots. Benden Hold's lands include the minor Holds and numerous Cotholds that look to the main hold for help, protection, supplies, etc. The Weyr's sole Searches can be found on these lands.

Mating Flights & Runs
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3 26 Mar 24 2015, 08:27 PM
In: Land Bound
By: Nillen

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Benden's architecture may not be as elaborate as that of Fort, but the style is the same, as well has a more natural feel to it. The Bowl is full of light sand. The lake, which covers a good quarter of the bottom of the Bowl, is of sweet water kept clear by water plants, snails, algae, and grasses. The long oval Bowl is estimated to be about a mile or more so in width. A lava tunnel allows for the only ground access into the Weyr, as seen by the opening near the lake.

Fireheights |:| Lake |:| Feeding Grounds
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2 0 May 18 2015, 03:23 PM
In: Industry: Good for the body...
By: Solane
The living section is primarily in the smaller northern portion of the Bowl, although weyrs for dragonsriders are located throughout the Bowl circumference wherever caves are present. The 500+ dragonrider weyrs are found high in the inner wall, their locations marked only by a ledge and "yawning entrance".
Weyrleaders' & Weyrwomens' Weyr
Subforums: Weyrleaders' & Weyrwomens' Weyrs

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Hatching Sands
The Hatching Grounds occupy the quadrant immediately east of north, in a cavern so vast that it gives the impression the entire mountain is must be hollow. There is a double entrance into the sands, one at ground level, one above for dragon use. The sands are large enough for 2 full size clutches, even if that is a rare sighting.

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At the south end near the lake and the training grounds, the windows and doorway to the weyrling barracks can be seen. Here Riders in training live until their Dragon is of age to fly, upon which then they are allowed to choose a weyr of their own.

Candidate & Weyrling Lessons
Subforums: Candidate & Weyrling Lessons

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Lower Caverns
Across the Bowl from the senior queen's apartment lies the opening to the Lower Caverns. This term includes all the living, kitchen, work, and sleeping rooms accessible from ground level, but more specifically is used to refer to the main chamber with a vaulting roof where the Weyr met for sociability and evening meals.
Kitchens & Dining Hall |:| Infirmary
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1 3 Feb 21 2015, 10:16 PM
In: Procuring Provisions
By: Livi

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Northern Holds & Halls
The Pernese of the North have long since made their mark here, flourishing as strongly as the land. Many Holds have been placed on the map, each looking to their founding Major Hold. The Halls located across the North, while their Crafters giving their talents to Hold and Weyr.

Gather Grounds
Subforums: Gather Grounds

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Southern Lands
A sea away and forgotten by the North, is the vast and flourishing land of the Southern. Filled with both known and unknown fauna and flora. Maybe one day the North would see fit to adventure and explore this once known piece of Pern.

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Lands of Pern
The North may be settled but there is still the icy wastes. Even if the South is not fully mapped, and remains untouched, like the North but there is still much to explore. Pern is a large place and there is still other places to explore such as the Eastern Isle chain or the Western Continent. Plenty for the adventurous explorer.

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